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Lotus Domino Execution as well as Advancement: Framework

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On the various, another hand Domino web server – is composed of the solutions which sustain advancement handling and also implementing of vibrant, safe applications for Web, Intranet, or Extranet. Domino solutions translate codes and even components of use as well as execute them over real procedure system.

  • As for the application connecting with solutions, as well as them in their turn – with procedure system – Domino applications are transferable or system independent. There are two groups of Domino solutions: used and also network.
  • Applied solutions offer a useful dimension to the application. Any application requires individual permission systems, representatives implementation, sights indexing, and so on. Taking into consideration over reference, such the solutions are called employed solutions.


  • Domino additionally sustains HTTP procedure, which permits Internet web browsers accessibility to the applications situated on Domino web server.
  • Domino applications are client-server applications. The customer gets in touch with an application utilising its very own system for treatments call – Notes Remote Treatment Telephone Call (NRPC), which moves customer demand to Domino application, and also returns outcomes.
  • Notes Customer as well as Internet web browsers Domino sustains various other customers with extra interaction procedures: e-mail customers by SMTP, POP3 and also IMAP methods; system with information meetings by NNTP method; process with brochures solutions by LDAP method; additionally Domino could connect with various other applications by means of OLE and also COM modern technologies, play both: customer as well as web server duties.
  • Domino Directory maintains info concerning customers as well as devotes courses link in between applications. Duplication gives applications information synchronisation.
  • Notes Customer collaborating with neighbourhood data source (without Domino web server) does devote Domino solutions itself, therefore brings Domino features in your area, relieving up the web server work. Notes Customer does not sustain the same degree of restriction and also safety and security as the web server does.
  • Domino data sources exist through neighbourhood documents and also server-side. Domino data source has 2 locations of practical centres:
  • Notes Storage space Center (NSF) – sustains information and even layout aspects of the application. Storage space centre has notes, which stand for information container. Various sort of notes enables perform unique features inside the data source;

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