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Do you need a training to win slots?

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Online casino game is not just an online game that you play. If it is related with money then you will do everything to earn it but to loose. This is why learning proper techniques are important. It does not mean that you cannot influence the result if you use the right bet strategy and choose the right game. So, yes you need the training to understand the term slot. This is way more than a simple term. Without a proper training you cannot implicate all the knowledge you have. Tournament Poker Edge is one of the best online poker training sites you can choose wisely.

Here is a list of factors that define your strategy when betting on slots

  • How to determine the amount of a bet
  • When to stop playing
  • The choice of the game
  • When to use the betting function (red or black)
  • The number of winning lines selected


Tips and tricks for slots

In all casino games including slots players play at a disadvantage. Your RTP is less than 100%, which favors the casino. This means that you have to be lucky to win which is why a higher volatility favors the player. This is the reason why most of my tricks and strategies are based on increasing volatility while taking into account the RTP of the game. Did you know that if you define the game with a prize line instead of ten it is very likely that the volatility of the game is 5 to 10 times higher? Normally, in most slots the winning combination only comes out in one of the 10 lines so the average prize is also lower. Keep in mind that this trick cannot be used by high-stakes players, sincethe maximum bet per line is limited. However, there are exceptions.

How to win big in the slots

The simplest answer is that to win big you have to risk big. However, if you want to win big with the highest probability you must increase the volatility of your strategy a lot. Although it sounds weird, the most effective way to WIN BIG is to try to lose as soon as possible. Statistically money is lost every time a bet is placed. This is how the RTP is concerned. To do this you have the budget by making as few bets as possible. In this case and being the RTP the same, the principles of statistics offer you a greater chance of winning big.

Conclusion: Strategies to bet on slots

The plays are made with very low bets. When you get a winning combination the prize is doubled with the double bet button. The bet continues doubling until it fails and losing or until winning a high enough amount to withdraw from the most satisfied. The Smart Gambler strategy is almost perfect. It has a very high RTP and allows you to choose the amount of the prize and the period of time to play the budget.